Fiver Challenge

Steve and Libby from License Dashboard
Steve and Libby from License Dashboard

Pocklington Community Junior School Year 6 pupils are embarking on the ‘Fiver Challenge’, something which Lord Sugar and Sir Richard Branson would be immensely proud.

It is the UK’s newest enterprise challenge for primary school children in which children are each given £5 to work in small teams to create a mini business.

The £5 has to be paid back, but the children can keep any profit made.

Sir Richard Branson himself has nationally given ‘Fiver’ a glowing recommendation saying “Through Fiver, the UK government, Young Enterprise and Virgin Money, will allow pupils up to the age of 11 the opportunity to have many important skills – teamwork, problem solving, communication and confidence. All of these are crucial if you want to make a go of your start-up business or indeed any chosen career path. There’s no substitute for getting out there and giving something a go.”

School would welcome any entrepreneurs within the local community into school to talk to the children about their own enterprise. We would love to hear from you and how you found the path to success.

We have already had a visit from marketing managers from License Dashboard to talk about their very successful approach to marketing.