116 year wait over as the cogs turn on School’s new clock

Pocklington School finally has a new clock to mark its 500th anniversary, 116 years after the idea was first put forward.

Staff and pupils gathered for a ceremony last Friday, with Governor Darrell Buttery unveiling the finished clock.

Mark Ronan, Darrell Buttery and the new school clock

Mark Ronan, Darrell Buttery and the new school clock

The ornate clock is based on plans by architect Walter Brierley from 1897 which were only discovered in the Borthwick Institute at the University of York in 2006.

Presumably because of the cost, the clock was never made, but there was a blank area of brick wall built in the clock tower, where a clock was due to be sited in the original design.

Following the ceremony the school processed to All Saints Church where headteacher Mark Ronan donated a beautiful oak chair decorated with the school seal, as thanks for allowing the school to use the buildings every Friday.Mr Ronan said: “As part of our Quincentenary celebrations this was a particularly special Commemoration for Pocklington School. We were delighted to be able to complete Walter Brierley’s design some 116 years later and to present All Saints’ Church with the commemorative chair.”