East Yorkshire Tory MP Greg Knight promoted by Prime Minister David Cameron in Government reshuffle

greg knight
greg knight

East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has been promoted in David Cameron’s reshuffle.

Mr Knight, who chaired the Procedure Committee, has now joined the Government as a Senior Whip.

The Government Whips Office, comprising 17 ministers, advises the Prime Minister on Parliamentary procedure and also manage the passage of parliamentary business.

In addition to his role as a whip, Mr Knight has been appointed Vice-Chamberlain of the Royal Household. The role of the Vice-Chamberlain is to act as a link between Parliament and HM the Queen and is responsible for keeping the Monarch updated on what is happening in Parliament as well as formally conveying messages between the House of Commons and Buckingham Palace.

Mr Knight becomes the third most senior Conservative in the Government Whips Office, after the Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip.

Mr Knight said, “I was surprised to be asked to do this job which is going to be an extremely challenging one, particularly in a Parliament where no one party has a majority. However I am looking forward to it”.

Mr Knight has also been allocated an office at 9 Downing Street next door to the Prime Minister. He takes up his duties with immediate effect.