Drugs in prison

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A PRISON drugs mule has been given two months on top of his three-year sentence for robbery after being caught with cannabis and a heroin substitute in prison.

Ben Andrew, 26, hid 19 tablets of Subutex and 0.9 grammes of cannabis in his underpants whilst in Everthorpe Prison, near North Cave.

The drugs would have been worth between two and five times their 50p street value inside.

The Subutex tablets have the street name ‘subbies’ and are used for the treatment of heroin addiction and for withdrawal from alcohol.

They are currency in the 650-inmate Category C prison.

Andrew was caught after his family visited him in the former borstal.

He was given a strip down on April 28 and Crown barrister Claire Reed told Hull Crown Court on Monday that when Andrew was asked to squat, a plastic Kinder egg popped out.

Inside were the tablets and cannabis.

He told guards he was holding the drugs for someone else, but would not say where he got them from, or who they were for.

Andrew, of Kingston View, Barton-upon-Humber, pleaded guilty to two charges of possessind class B and class C drugs when he appeared at court for sentence.

The court heard he was serving three years for robbery and was not due for early release until January 2012.

His defence barrister John Thackray said in prison the normal penalty for possession of drugs was loss of privileges for up to 28 days and not a consecutive sentence.

He said: “Prison officers find drugs in prison every day, but they don’t all make their way to courts.”

He admitted he had been fortunate Andrew was not to be sentenced for possession with intent to supply.

Judge Jeremy Baker, QC, said: “It is right the court marks its disapproval of this type of offending so as not to encourage the taking of drugs in prison.”

He sentenced Andrew to two months in prison, consecutive to his exiting sentence – delaying his early release.