Drug dealer escapes prison sentence - despite supplying 55 customers

Drug dealer Luke Wilson appeares at Hull Court and pleaded guilty to a two-year campaign of supplying class B drugs.
Drug dealer Luke Wilson appeares at Hull Court and pleaded guilty to a two-year campaign of supplying class B drugs.
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A JOBLESS drug dealer has escaped with a suspended prison sentence despite admitting supplying illegal drugs to 55 customers over a period of two years.

Luke Wilson, 22, from Driffield, was so immersed in the drug culture he had hundreds of telephone calls logged in his mobile phone, of times, places and quantities of cannabis he had been supplying.

When arrested he had 10 raps of high-strength skunk cannabis worth £150. He told police he paid £250 for an one ounce selling it on for £320, making a £60 profit each time.

Police were called to Wilson’s house to a domestic dispute, but soon became suspicious about his use of cannabis.

A search revealed 16.6g of skunk cannabis in the property.

Wilson of Victoria Road, stood in the dock at Hull Crown Court on Friday October 12 after last month pleading guilty to one charge of possession of the controlled drug with intent to supply on December 7 2011.

He had also admitted a charge of supplying cannabis to others between January 1 2010 and December 1 2011.

Crown barrister Jharna Jobes said Wilson told police he had become a dealer after his addiction to cocaine and cannabis put him into debt with dealers.

She said the police accepted the scars he showed them were from beatings he had received for not paying up on time.

Because his activities were illegal he could not go to the police and report the violence.

She said: “He says he had been dealing for two years to pay off debts. He had a customer base of 55 people.

“His telephone records showed he had hundreds of calls.

“He was chasing debts up.”

She said he could have been jailed for two years.

Wilson had a conviction in 2005 for robbery where he was given a referral order and a police caution for possession of drugs in 2011.

His barrister Anil Murray told the judge: “If you are minded to pass a community sentence I have nothing more to add.”

Judge John Dowse ordered Wilson to stand as he told him he had read his pre-sentence report which said he thought he could go to prison for four years.

“You are a very lucky chap,” said Judge Dowse. “Because in many ways you deserve to go to prison.

“If the courts don’t take a serious view of someone who has been dealing in drugs for two years and has 55 customers then drugs are going to be even more rife.

“I warn you if you come back before the courts again for another drugs offence you will be going to prison.”

He gave him a 12-month suspended prison sentence.

Wilson told the judge: “It is my fault. I deserve to be punished.”

The judge also ordered he should complete 180 hours unpaid work and pay £350 costs.

The judge ordered the destruction of the drugs.