Drive safe call ahead of summer traffic rise

The 'Share the Road' poster issued by Humberside Police.
The 'Share the Road' poster issued by Humberside Police.

Humberside Police is urging people in the Pocklington area to remain alert and drive carefully on the region’s roads this summer.

The force is asking for locals to remain calm and show consideration to drivers who may be on their holidays in the area and do not know the roads that well.

A Humberside spokesman said: “We want to ask that you take your time and consider that there are lots of visitors in the area who won’t necessarily know our roads the way you do and may be ‘Sunday’ driving.

“Please be patient, only overtake when it is safe to do so, and relax and enjoy our beautiful scenery.

“The roads around Pocklington and Market Weighton, including the A1079, are often blighted by serious, and sometimes fatal, collisions.

“Please drive these rural roads with care and consideration for all roads users and Share the Road. Find out more by visiting”

Residents in the surrounding villages are also being asked to keep their eyes open and report any suspicious activity.

A spokesman said: “The summer sees an increase in rural crimes across the East Riding – particularly targeting farm buildings, stealing vehicles and machinery.

“Arson is also a problem as the hay is brought into the sheds for storage, Farmers can use our helpful crime prevention advice to help secure property.

“You can report anything suspicious by calling the non-emergency number 101. If someone sees a crime in progress always call 999.”