Discovery of Pocklington Iron Age site to feature on TV show

The excavation site on Burnby Lane in Pocklington.
The excavation site on Burnby Lane in Pocklington.

The discovery of a significant Iron Age settlement in Pocklington will be officially announced on BBC Four’s Digging for Britain today (17 March).

Having launched the site works in September 2014, the developer David Wilson Homes has revealed the settlement is one of the largest and most significant Iron Age findings of recent times.

The discovery, which includes more than 75 square barrows that contained skeletons from the ‘Arras Culture’, dates back as far as 800 BC to 00 AD. To date, a variety of exciting objects have also been excavated as part of the archaeological dig, including a sword, a shield and 10 spears. In addition to the pre-historic weapons, more than 360 amber and glass beads, brooches and ancient pots have also been discovered.

The Burnby Lane site, which is where David Wilson Homes is building 77 new houses, will feature on today’s episode of Digging for Britain, at 8pm.

See this week’s paper (17 March) for the full story.