“Discount day” appeal to Pock

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A POCKLINGTON fishmonger wants local shopkeepers to imitate traders in another East Yorkshire market town by holding discount days to attract shoppers.

Guy Scott of Scott’s fishmongers on Market Street believes Driffield’s venture could be the way forward for Pocklington’s independent shops.

Mr Scott held a discount day in November last year and his takings quintupled during the trial run.

He urged other shopkeepers in Pocklington to do the same, but so far they have not embraced the idea.

Mr Scott would like to see an initiative, similar to the one started in Driffield, launched in Pocklington.

He said: “I would love to see it here.

“I did that cut price day which worked tremendously, quadrupling the amount of takings and we actually made a profit as well. Although it was half price up to £10, even if you spent £30 with me you got £5 discount and people were very happy with that still. They thought it was good value, which it is.

“I’m going to re-launch it again. At the moment trade is so quiet and I can’t get the variety of fish because of the time of year but as soon as I get a variety of fish I’ll do it again.”

From 10 March, shopkeepers in Driffield will hold a discount day every Thursday to run alongside the town’s weekly open-air market.

Mr Scott believes having a discount day in Pocklington on the same day as the market is a shrewd idea.

He said: “They’re doing it on the market day and I wanted to do it on the Tuesday market day. That’s exactly what I said.

“But shopkeepers here said if people are coming in anyway for the market there’s no point doing it on the market day. But I said they’re just coming in to spend on the market they don’t spend in their local shops.

“We need to take advantage and it will also bring other people in. It will benefit everybody.”

Mr Scott believes holding a discount day once a month rather than every week would be the best option for shopkeepers in Pocklington.

He said: “I don’t know about on a weekly basis because I don’t think people would come in once a week for a discount thing. Once a month, then your not having to give away too much money. The whole point is to get new customers. It’s about getting people to come away from the supermarkets and coming to their local shops again.”

Over the past six months Mr Scott has been leading a campaign to kickstart traders’ fortunes.

He initially launched a poster campaign asking people to use their local shops or risk losing them for good.

He then held the discount day and more recently launched an online forum for traders in Pocklington to interact and come up with ways to bring shoppers back to the town.

He is also hoping to make a brochure about independent shops in Pocklington in an effort to personalise shopkeepers and make people want to shop locally.

However, Mr Scott would like to see other shopkeepers and Pocklington Town Council do more to support him and his campaign.

He said: “I’d like businesses and the council to be more proactive. I’m sure the council do a lot behind the scenes but we don’t know what they do. But it appears they don’t do a lot.”