‘Dilapidated’ hut and playing fields appeal

Melbourne Scout Hut
Melbourne Scout Hut

A village playing fields sub committee and scout hut group are fundraising and appealing to the community to help restore the area to its former glory.

Melbourne’s playing fields is struggling to raise the £50,000 needed to replace the unsafe and worn down playing equipment.

It was forced to close in September when a number of the playing equipment was found to be unsafe.

The committee was struggling for new members and appealed for help from the community.

A small group of parents have now formed a sub-committee with the aim of raising approximately £50,000 to replace and add to the equipment.

Fundraising began in October and following a series of successful events like a Halloween Party, Mum’s Night Out and Valentine’s Raffle - the team have already managed to raise £1,000.

Caroline Dickson, one of the parents on the sub-committee, said: “We are currently looking at applying for grant funding as well as planning more community events.”

They will hold a Ladies and Kids Clothes Swap which will be held in Melbourne Village Hall, from 7pm on 21 March. Anyone interested in supporting them can email hmcgouran@yahoo.co.uk

Melbourne Scout Hut, situated on the playing fields, is also struggling financially and is reaching out to nearby businesses and residents for a helping hand in restoring the hut.

The hut is home to Melbourne’s Rainbows, Brownie and Cub groups who all rely on it as a base for activities.

The three groups hold an annual fundraiser to meet the amount needed to pay for bills for the year which come to about £1,800.

Although they raise enough every year, there is no funds left over to cover maintenance costs of the building.

Vicki Milsom, treasurer of the hut and leader of the Rainbow group, said: “ The building as it is starting to get very dilapidated.

“We soon will need our heating serviced, floors repainting, fire doors need replacing and the list goes on.”

To help or donate to the scout hut contact Vicki on 07817489390 or iamwkd@hotmail.com.