Dig findings to be preserved in museum

The skeleton of a prehistoric man on a shield
The skeleton of a prehistoric man on a shield

The discoveries found from the archaeological dig in Pocklington will be preserved in a museum, it has been confirmed.

A number of interesting items have been found at the Burnby Lane site which is where developer David Wilson Homes is planning to build 77 new houses.

MAP Archaeological Practice, the company which is carrying out the excavation work, has confirmed talks are still ongoing with David Wilson Homes to find the best location for the artefacts.

Paula Ware of MAP Archaeological Practice Ltd said: “David Wilson Homes has confirmed that all of the discoveries and archives we have found at the site will be deposited in a museum so they can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come, and discussions remain ongoing as to where that will be.”

The site has so far yielded more than 38 square barrows and in excess of 82 burials. In April, a skeleton was found with a shield. Several of the square barrows have been found to contain personal possessions, including jewellery, and a sword has also been discovered.

The archaeological dig, which is expected to continue until the end of the summer, has seen a number of new items found recently.

Miss Ware explained: “We are continuing to find significant items of interest through our work at David Wilson Homes’ Pavilion Square development in Pocklington. The most recent finds are currently undergoing detailed analysis and we are unable to confirm any further details until we have received the results of these investigations.”

The buried ground is now recognised as being of international importance.