Did wine do this to me?

Justine Jones the day after drinking the liquid, with blisters on her face
Justine Jones the day after drinking the liquid, with blisters on her face

A family was shocked when they discovered that a bottle of wine they bought from a supermarket contained an unknown liquid which caused a skin reaction.

Jan Jones, of The Archway, Market Weighton, bought a bottle of Tesco Finest Garnacha wine recently from the Tesco store on Southgate in Market Weighton to celebrate her granddaughter Abi’s 18th birthday.

The bottle was sealed and had no evidence of tampering but Tesco have since said it was sorry about not investigating the matter more thoroughly and said “it will be looking at what went wrong to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

The family had poured the wine into red glasses so the colour of the liquid was not immediately apparent. Jan’s daughter Justine took a large mouthful and drank it, and had a very unpleasant surprise.

Justine said: “It tasted foul. I inspected the bottle and found that the liquid was clear and had bits of mucus and bits floating in it. My daughters and mum smelt the liquid and thought it had a faint smell of bleach. We were horrified”

Mother-of-two Justine, 44, has a rare immune system condition called pemphigus, which means that her immune system is very sensitive to certain chemicals and attacks her body resulting in extreme blisters.

The next day she was covered in huge sores and had to be referred back to hospital.

Jan, who is an artist, said: “I felt alarmed, Justine has such a poor immune system we have to be careful really.”

Jan immediately took the bottle and contents back to Tesco’s Market Weighton store and demanded that it be tested and investigated.

She received a letter from Tesco saying that they had sent a report to the retailer’s technologist. The letter explained: “The technologist acts as a regulator, and will follow it up with the people who make this product for us, as well as keeping an eye on all incoming complaints.”

She later received a letter from Bottle Green Ltd saying it had been contacted by Tesco concerning a complain about a bottle of wine. The letter said: “We have asked the store to return the bottle to ourselves so we can investigate your complaint further.”

Steve Turner, from Bottle Green Ltd, told the Post: “What we found was the wine was made by a different producer to us.”

Tesco has since sent another letter to Jan saying: “Our supplier has come back and advised that they did not supply us with this product. They have said that it was supplied by a previous supplier.

“I have been unable to locate a previous supplier and as a result I am unable to get a report to you. Unfortunately when the supplier’s response came through it was picked up by a colleague who has advised the supplier to dispose of the sample.”

Jan was extremely disappointed with Tesco’s response.

She said: “I feel awful about their response. They sent me £10 and £15 moneycard. I wasn’t looking for money. I wanted a result. I suspected it was cleaning fluid.”

Accountant Justine, who lives in Shropshire, added: “We were incensed. I cannot believe that a large company have no knowledge of who suppliers their consumables, this is particularly worrying as our product had obviously been tampered with and caused me considerable pain.”

Jan, who has two children and four grandchildren, wants to warn people to contact the Health and Safety Executive if they experience a similar problem, rather than take items back to the shops where they bought them from.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re sorry we let Mrs Jones down with our investigation. We take all complaints extremely seriously, our team will be looking at what went wrong to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”