Diamond wedding couple met as kids

Wilfred and Betty Cotton have been married for 60 years.
Wilfred and Betty Cotton have been married for 60 years.

A Pocklington couple who met as children have been celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

And Betty and Wilfred Cotton, aged 80 and 83 respectively, put their long and happy marriage down to sharing the same interests – and being able to compromise whenever they have had their few disagreements.

“We have had lots of the same interests and hobbies such as photography and travelling.

“We have had little disagreements but never really had many but the few times when we don’t agree we talk it out and compromise,” said Mrs Cotton.

“We have known one another since we were children,” she continued. She was about seven and he was 10 when they first met.

They attended the same Sunday school, youth club and the Congregational Church in Mexborough, South Yorkshire.

But they did go to different schools – Mrs Cotton went to the local Grammar school while her husband went to the technical college.

It was at the Congregational Church where they married – she was 20 and he was 23.

They couple, who live on Lord Drive, lived in Doncaster for around 34 years.

They moved to Pocklington some eight years ago to be near their daughter Karen Fry. Another daughter, Heather, lives near Malham.

They also have a granddaughter, Ella, who is Karen’s daughter.

Mrs Cotton worked in an office in Mexborough while Mr Cotton eventually became a chartered engineer having started as a mechanical fitter with the National Coal Board which he worked for until he retired at the age of 53.

One of their pleasures was to go travelling to many different countries over the years.

“When we had our golden wedding anniversary we did a round the world trip flying,” said Mrs Cotton.

“We liked to go somewhere exotic,” she continued adding that they don’t do that now.

“You have got to do things while you have the chance,” she said.

Their latest anniversary saw them enjoy a meal with the family at the Gold Cup Inn in Low Catton.

“We had a wonderful meal and it was a really nice time,” she said.