‘Developers shouldn’t get out of building affordable homes’

The Mile Pocklington
The Mile Pocklington

A development company is being urged to provide some affordable housing at a proposed development in Pocklington.

A planning application expected to be around 200 houses is imminent for land off The Mile, in Pocklington.

The proposed build is intrinsically linked to the flood alleviation scheme which would protect 130 houses in Pocklington against flooding.

But the West Wolds Branch of the Labour Party believes that the developers Persimmon Homes should not be able to deny the town affordable housing because of their contribution to the scheme.

Richard Bryon, chairman of the branch, said: “We welcome the build. In towns and villages like Pocklington, Market Weighton, Wilberfoss and Stamford Bridge it’s needed. We also welcome the Flood Alleviation Scheme,

“Pocklington flooded really badly in 2007. That’s the worst I’ve seen it in recent years but it has been a problem through the years – I think it has got worse.”

In the East Riding, the amount of afforable housing necessary for every new build over 10 houses is 25 per cent. Although an exact number for the amount of houses has yet to be confirmed, it is expected to be around 200 houses meaning 50 should be under the scheme.

Mr Bryon added: “We understand that 25 per cent might be unrealistic but we think maybe five to 10 per cent should be provided.

“I’ve seen so manypeople benefit from affordable housing.”

Recent developments haveincluded the required amount of affordable housing and have also paid out through the section 106 agreement in communted sums which goes to the community.

Mr Bryon says even 10 affordable homes is better than none.

He added: “We are going to take them to task on this, we feel this is something that should be provided.

“I don’t know whether or not we’ll get there, but we are going to try.”

Having written to Persimmon Homes regarding affordable housing, Mr Bryon received the following reply: “The contribution [to the Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS)] required is substantial and the scheme can therefore only afford to pay for either the Pocklington FAS contribution or provide affordable housing. Unfortunately, the scheme is unviable if both are provided and therefore, neither can be delivered.”