Derek tells Probus Club of a tree-mendous effort

Chairman of Pocklington Probus Club, Graham Ball with speaker Derek Utley
Chairman of Pocklington Probus Club, Graham Ball with speaker Derek Utley

Pocklington Probus Club members were told of how vital trees are to tourism during a recent meeting held in the Freemasons’ Hall.

Derek Utley treated club members to an excellent presentation and discussion about the Woodland Trust.

Describing himself as a tree-lover and tree-planter - but definitely not a tree hugger – he gave the members a good indication of his work in the East Riding of Yorkshire, which he has been leading for five years.

The Treemendous group has planted nearly 10,000 trees in the York area in the last five years, particularly on the approach roads to the city.

He explained how vita trees are vital to York in attracting tourists, and because they absorb carbon dioxide as well as delivering oxygen to the atmosphere.

Healthy trees can benefit wildlife habitats, people’s lifestyle and can add to property values. He demonstrated his passion for his subject, telling the group that one new small whip can be planted in a total of 35 seconds.

A small group of people can easily plant 500 trees in a couple of hours.

He praised the interest of local groups such as Pocklington U3A and the Muslims for Humanity group, both of whom had assisted with planting new areas of trees.

The large lay-by at Dunnington on the A166 has recently been planted and more trees are to be planned next month. Chairman Graham Ball welcomed the speaker after some preliminary business items were dealt with.