Dedication honoured with MBE

Janet Drinkall was awarded an MBE in the latest honours list.
Janet Drinkall was awarded an MBE in the latest honours list.

A Barmby Moor woman has been awarded an MBE in the latest Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Janet Drinkall, 62, was nominated for the honour after nearly two decades of dedicated charitable work in the York area.

Mrs Drinkall has organised countless dinners, lunches, race days, charity days and other fundraising initiatives to bring in much-needed funds for Macmillan Cancer Support (MCS), constantly refreshing events to keep them relevant and exciting.

As a direct result of her efforts, countless numbers of people have been supported at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

She took over as the chairman of the MCS York committee at a time when it was reduced in numbers and at risk of running out of energy and direction.

Her organisational skills and determination helped reinvigorate the group, which in turn led to a sum in excess of £1,250,000 being raised.

This has enabled MCS to fund the appointment of specialists in a number of different areas of cancer care, working in collaboration with the local NHS Trust and St Leonard’s Hospice in York.

Under her chairmanship, MCS York has seen the annual income from the York Race days rise from approximately £60,000 to more than half a million pounds.

Following these successes, the national charity has been able to commit new funds to the York area with innovative help for cancer sufferers.

Mrs Drinkall also supported the Prince’s Trust for 10 years before stepping down, organising fundraising trips on The Orient Express and participating in the inaugural fashion dinner.

Mrs Drinkall said: “I received a letter about the MBE a couple of months’ ago.

“I burst into tears when I opened it. It was so overwhelming, unexpected and out of the blue.

“It was a complete surprise. However, I am thrilled now I have got used to the fact.

“I had to sit on the news until it was officially announced, which was difficult.

“I have been fundraising for around 18 years. I joined the Macmillan York Committee around then and took over as chairman after a few years.

“During that time we’ve done all kinds of things to bring in a lot of money.

“We have evolved all the time to keep things fresh, organising a variety of events, including It’s a Knockout, tombolas and collections in the centre of York.

“We have adapted as the public’s tastes for events have changed.”