DASH engineering success by design

Dan Cushing and Shaun Wealleans have joined forces to create DASH Design.
Dan Cushing and Shaun Wealleans have joined forces to create DASH Design.

Two local engineering experts have joined forces to form a brand new business.

Shaun Wealleans and Dan Cushing have created engineering design business DASH Design.

Since stepping away from Sumo, a business he founded and built up for over 20 years, Mr Wealleans felt that there wasn’t a go-to team to turn ideas into reality where complex engineering design was concerned.

Armed with a clear gap in a busy market he needed support from a passionate designer as innovative as he was to make this work.

Dan Cushing from Bielby, a past employee of Mr Wealleans and a talented digital designer, was looking for a new opportunity to really get his teeth stuck into. The pair soon teamed up to create the new company based in Seaton Ross, near Holme on Spalding Moore.

Mr Wealleans said: “We’ve launched DASH Design to tackle the industry-wide shortage of good, forward-thinking designers.

“Progress in the agricultural engineering industry is being hampered by a lack of ‘thinking’ designers, meaning that most new products are actually just mildly changed copies.

“Being the ‘manufacturers’ designer’ we provide a unique service, allowing companies to outsource some or all of their design work.

“My role is primarily specialising in new concepts and to me this is the best job in the world; solving problems that others find difficult.”

The name DASH was formed from the first two letters of each of the founders’ names and seemed to fit the simplicity of the business perfectly.

However, there’s nothing simple about the work the two complete, and after only opening doors in late 2018, DASH Design has already picked up a variety of well-known industry-leading brands for their roster.

Mr Cushing said: “DASH Design is a way for us to improve the effectiveness of a company’s product, using state of the art CAD software and planning tools to bring ideas into reality.

“Using the combined design and manufacturing experience of our team, we can provide the whole package that is considerate of manufacture, performance and cost efficiency.

“The aim is to provide a tailored package that integrates with business systems, delivering profitability and innovation.”

Mr Wealleans added: “Through DASH we can do as little or as much as clients want, from concept visuals right the way through to fully detailed production drawings, providing everything required to construct the final project.

“DASH really is a one-stop shop for designing solutions to many engineering problems.”

To find out more about DASH Design visit www.dash-d.com.