Cubs’ wheelie good time

MW Cubs before the trials
MW Cubs before the trials

A TROOP of cub scouts put their pedal to the metal to test out their home-made cars, courtesy of generous donations from the public.

The Thursday-night group from Market Weighton had appealed through the Pocklington Post for spare wheels so they could build a number of soap-box racers in order to obtain their DIY badges.

MW Cubs - go cart trials

MW Cubs - go cart trials

And the appeal worked after The Rocking Horse Shop in Fangfoss read about their plight and pledged as many wheels as they needed.

Cub leader Cindy Stephenson explained: “They read about what we were doing and rang us up. They said they used to make go-karts and said we could have as many wheels and axles as we needed, which was fantastic. It’s a big thank you to them.

“We also had a man from Bransholme who donated his mobility scooter! The venture scouts will now be using the motor to build another kart.”

Meanwhile, the cubs test drove their five cars out on a hill at Easthorpe Farm in Londesborough.

She added: “It was brilliant, everyone had a good time and the boys did not want to go home at the end of it!

“We had a few races and everybody really enjoyed themselves. I have to thank the parents who helped out.

“It’s been a really worthwhile project and they have been so excited about making them. We’re now planning on taking the karts with us when we go on camp in July, and they will go on display at The Rocking Horse Shop at Fangfoss later in the year.”