Cruel killer of schoolboy is found dead in Full Sutton prison cell

Daniel Pelka.
Daniel Pelka.

Mariusz Krezolek, the killer of schoolboy Daniel Pelka, has been found dead at Full Sutton prison, six months after Daniel’s mother Magdelena Luczak, was also found hanging in her prison cell.

Mariusz Krezolek was discovered unresponsive in his cell at Full Sutton and pronounced dead shortly after, the Prisons Service confirmed.

Magdelena Luczak and her partner Mariusz Krezolek.

Magdelena Luczak and her partner Mariusz Krezolek.

The 36-year-old’s partner Luczak, 29, who was convicted of Daniel’s murder alongside him, died at HMP Foston Hall in July last year.

A Prisons Service spokeswoman said: “HMP Full Sutton prisoner Mariusz Krezolek was found unresponsive in his cell at 8.30am on Wednesday 28 January.

“Staff immediately attempted resuscitation but he was pronounced dead shortly after.

“As with all deaths in custody, there will be an investigation by the independent Prisons & Probation Ombudsman.”

Three years ago the pair became notirious when it was revealed that Daniel, four, was systematically starved under the noses of his teachers and health professionals.

Daniel was battered to death by Luczak and Krezolek after a six-month campaign of cruelty in which he was denied food, “imprisoned” in a locked box room and force-fed salt.

The couple, originally from Poland, forced Daniel to perform arduous punishment exercises such as squats or running, while hoodwinking teachers and doctors into believing his weight loss was due to an eating disorder.

The “incomprehensible” murder, which had chilling echoes of the 2007 death of 17-month-old Baby P, became the subject of a serious case review.

The trial heard teaching staff at Coventry’s Little Heath Primary School had seen Daniel with bruising to his neck and black eyes. Teachers and medical professionals were duped by Luczak into believing that Daniel’s dramatic weight loss, which left him in a state of “skeletal emaciation” at the time of his death on 3 March last year, was due to a rare genetic disorder.

In another missed opportunity, an incident in which Daniel’s arm was broken “clean in half” by Krezolek in a fit of temper was passed off as an accident.

Jurors heard that Daniel was ultimately left to die in his unheated “cell” for around 33 hours after suffering a fatal head injury at his Coventry home on 1 March last year. By the time Krezolek called 999 he was already dead.

The couple used vanilla-scented air fresheners to mask the smell of the shabby and foul-smelling room, which had a flimsy and stained mattress as its only furnishing.

When police first entered the property following Daniel’s death, the mattress had been hidden and clean clothes, a child’s bike and other items had been used to mock up an air of normality.

Subsequent inquiries established the door handles and spindle had been removed to stop him escaping.

Krezolek, a former soldier – described in court as a heartless “monster” – and Luczak blamed each other for Daniel’s death during their trial.

But text messages between the pair proved they worked as a team to inflict the sickening abuse and even opted not to summon an ambulance as Daniel lay dying with more than 20 separate injuries.