Rural task force officers alerted to night hawking incidents across the area

Humberside Police’s Rural Task Force team has received a number of calls in relation to night hawking – illegal metal detecting on farmland and areas of archaeological interest.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 2:15 pm
Task force police officers attend a site of possible night hawking.

The dedicated unit tackles rural, wildlife and heritage crime across the East Riding and has warned that removing any object from the land without the landowner’s permission is a criminal offence.

A police spokesman said: “The removal of any object from land without the landowner’s permission is theft.

“Further offences are also committed if damage is caused to protected archaeological sites, using metal detectors on archaeological sites without a licence from Historic England or failing to report objects found that are potential treasure under the Treasure Act.

“Night hawkers have complete disregard for the law and experts warn that we are losing priceless heritage of our nation.

“If you witness anyone metal detecting on land or acting suspicious around protected archaeological sites, please contact police on 999 due to suspected crimes in action and 101 for non-emergency incidents.”

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