Recorded crime drops in Humberside

Humberside Police
Humberside Police

The Crime Survey for England and Wales for recorded crime has been published today for the year ending June 2013 show that crime has fallen once again.

Total recorded crime in the Humberside area fell by 4 per cent between July 01 2012 to June 30 2013) with 2,678 fewer offences in comparison with 2011/12. The national reduction was 5 per cent.

Humberside saw reductions in victim-based crime, including robbery (down 3 per cent), domestic burglary (down 5 per cent), vehicle offences (down 9 per cent), theft from the person (down 14 per cent) and criminal damage & arson (down 10 per cent).

However the force has seen an increase in violence against the person and sexual offences, as well as non-domestic burglary and shoplifting offences. The increases in sexual offences and shoplifting have been replicated on a national level.

While the Crime Survey for England and Wales no longer publishes figures on confidence in the police, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Local Telephone Survey show that public confidence in Humberside Police now stands at 82.6 per cent.

Deputy Chief Constable David Griffin from Humberside Police said: “It is pleasing to see the continued fall in overall recorded crime in the Humberside policing area. Over 2600 fewer victims of crime is good news for the people we serve.

“We are conscious though that in common with most other forces, some categories of crime have seen increases notably violence against the person and shoplifting. Whilst the increases are relatively small, our officers and staff have been working hard with partners over the summer to make inroads into these areas and we have had some success in containing these increases. We have been targeting hot spot areas and prolific offenders to sustain the impressive reduction in crime we have seen consistently since 2004.

“It is also pleasing to see public confidence levels in the force at over 82 per cent reflecting our commitment to improve the quality of service we provide despite the budget challenges we face in common with other public sector bodies.”