‘Raped’ as she made 999 call - court told

Matthew Phillips appeared at York Crown Court
Matthew Phillips appeared at York Crown Court

A woman rang ‘999’ as she was allegedly being raped by a man she had met earlier in a club, a court heard.

A police operator took the call after the woman had returned home with Pocklington man Matthew John Phillips, 30, who allegedly wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, York Crown Court was told.

The Crown Prosecution Service says the woman had been kissing and cuddling with Phillips but didn’t want to go any further because she had had a lot to drink.

Prosecutor Aisha Wadoodi claimed Phillips pushed the woman to the floor and raped her twice.

She claimed that during the alleged rapes the woman was pushing Phillips away and saying “no” to him repeatedly.

During the second alleged rape, the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, grabbed her house phone and called the police, said Ms 

The operator heard the woman say something like “‘Ouch!” and police were sent round, she added.

When police arrived and knocked on the door, there was initially no answer. Then the woman came out, distressed, barefoot and with a blanket around her waist, claimed Ms Wadoodi.

Phillips, who was inside on a sofa, was taken in for police questioning when he denied raping the woman.

He claimed the alleged rape did not happen and a second sexual act had been with the woman’s consent.

Phillips, of Northfield Road, Pocklington, appeared for a resumed trial at the Crown Court on Tuesday charged with two counts of rape in November 2015.

The jury was shown video footage of Phillips and the woman dancing together in the Popworld club in York.

They left the club hand in hand and were apparently kissing and cuddling inside a takeaway. They then went back to the woman’s home in the early hours of the morning when they sat on the floor kissing and cuddling.

The woman, who appeared in court via live video link, said she only had a hazy recollection of the incident because she was drunk when the incident occurred. “The memory I have is of him being on top of me and not being able to lift my head or speak, or get up,” she said.

“I remember feeling my hands for something like my phone, and finding the house phone.”

The woman, who claims that at one stage Phillips grabbed her throat and pinned the top of her arm, got through to police and said she could hear a female police operator asking her if she was at her home.

When Judge Paul Worsley QC asked the woman if she remembered saying 
anything to the operator, the woman said “no”.

But she said she did remember saying “no” to Phillips before walking away from the lounge and going upstairs.

The trial continues.