Prestigious medal for court usher

A FORMER court usher who began her career in Pocklington has been awarded the prestigious Imperial Service Medal at a ceremony at Beverley Magistrates Court.

Pam Beachell joined Pocklington Magistrates Court in June 1982 and presided over her last case, in Beverley, on 23 September 2011, in a career spanning 29 years.

She was presented the medal at a ceremony at Beverley Magistrates Court by High Sheriff John Holtby.

Pam was very well-known in all the areas in which she worked, including Driffield, where she ushered the last court held in the town, in 2001.

Her local knowledge often proved invaluable, with cases being decided by matters of her own information. One such case was a drink-driver who claimed he couldn’t have been driving while drunk as he was on a train from Driffield to Hull. Yet, Pam knew there was no train service from Drffield on a Sunday, so instinctively knew the defendant was lying.

She ran her courts with a rod of iron and was highly-respected because of it, but also indulged in some extra-curricular childcare outside the courts, when parents were inside, which endeared her to everyone who met her.