Police warning as man in black BMW tries to scam East Riding drivers

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Drivers in the East Riding area are being warned about a man in a black BMW who has been trying to run a well-known scam.

Humberside Police said it had received several reports yesterday about a man claiming to have run out of petrol.

The smartly dressed man was approaching other drivers, asking for money to help him to buy more fuel.

He offered victims a business card bearing details of a Dublin firm and an item of jewellery as collateral to reassure them that he would reimburse any money given.

Police said the man was using a black BMW and may have been in the company of a second man.

Issuing a warning on social media, they said the man gives the appearance of being a businessmen and his story seems entirely plausible on the face of it.

However, it is actually a scam which is being carried at different locations here in the UK and overseas.