Police issue vehicle crime warning to village residents

Pocklington Police Station.
Pocklington Police Station.

Police are urging people to stay vigilant following reports of vehicle crimes in the Stamford Bridge and North Cliffe areas.

The warning comes after fuel was stolen from vehicles on Huntsman Lane and Kings Garth.

Both vehicles had their fuel tanks drilled causing damage to the two cars.

Sergeant Pete Rogers, of Pocklington Police, said: “This is a very unusual method of stealing fuel and it is quite concerning.”

The other warning concerns sighting of a suspicious vehicle in North Cliffe whose occupants are being sought in connection with a series of 4x4 thefts.

The red and grey Mitsubishi 4x4, registration number N616TBO, has been sighted in the North Cave and Cliffe areas during late afternoon and early evening.

Police also confirmed they are cracking down on youths driving vehicles recklessly in Stamford Bridge.

If you have information about the fuel theft or suspicious vehicle contact police on the 101 number, with the crime reference numbers CJ/1978148/2013 and CJ/1977602/2013 if calling about the fuel thefts.