Multi-agency operation gets a load of unsafe vehicles off the road

Hundreds of law-breaking and dangerous drivers have been caught after all the Yorkshire, Humber and North East police forces, alongside Highways England and the Health and Safety Executive joined forces to clampdown on unsafe vehicle loading.

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 8:33 am
A car precariously balanced on the back of a scrap van was discovered during Operation Brigantia.

During a two-week operation – the first of its kind across the region – enforcement agencies discovered shocking examples of commercial vehicle drivers who have not properly secured their cargo properly, including vehicles precariously balancing flammable liquids, scrap metal, steel beams, building material and even a car.

More than 250 drivers were found to have committed a load safety offence during Operation Brigantia, with a further 186 additional offences found on our motorways and A-roads, including a driver found to be under the influence of drugs and another placed in custody after their vehicle was found to have cloned registration plates.

Police issued either Traffic Order Reports, summons, arrests or verbal warnings to those found offending during the fortnight of action.

Humberside Police officers stopped 88 vehicles during the operation including the discovery of several cans containing flammable liquids not secured properly.

Inspector Tony Tinsley, of the Humberside Police Roads Policing Unit and lead police officer for the operation, said: “Drivers who don’t ensure their vehicles are loaded safely are putting the safety of others in serious danger.

“Many of the vans and HGV drivers stopped during the operation were fully compliant with the rules and regulations and they went off on their way, but there were many who chose to travel without sufficient measures in place to ensure their vehicles were contained – some of which could have had catastrophic consequences.

“Operation Brigantia is part of a wider programme of improving commercial vehicle safety and is not about punishing offenders; it’s about educating those drivers about the rules and regulations in place for everyone’s safety, making sure vehicles are in a road worthy condition and ensuring our roads are safer for everyone who uses them.”

Sarah Watson-Quirk, Regional Safety Co-ordinator at Highways England added: “The vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of drivers who use our roads in the region every day are sensible and safe behind the wheel but there are some who are putting themselves and others at risk by breaking the law.

“We’re urging all drivers of commercial vehicles or anyone loading their vehicle to take extra time and care to make sure their vehicles are safe before setting off on a journey.”