Inmate’s violent outburst over old TV

Luther Francis who kicked off to prison staff because he did not have a big enought TV.
Luther Francis who kicked off to prison staff because he did not have a big enought TV.

A spoilt inmate attacked three guards because he couldn’t have a flat-screen TV, a court heard.

Luther Francis, 22, was serving an eight-year sentence for stabbing a man when he was moved to 1,000 inmate HMP Humber Prison near South Cave in June last year.

On arrival, he did not like the box-shaped TV in his cell. When inmates told him he would have to join a prison waiting list for a flat-screen TV he threw punches at three guards.

He badly bruising the jaw of one, bloodying the nose of another and knocking a third to the floor where he was in and out of conciousness

Phillip Evans, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court: “The particular point which triggered his behaviour is the defendant had been issued with an old fashioned television in the shape of a box, as TVs were, and he wanted a slim-line, flat-screen TV. There wasn’t one available. Other prisoners were in the same position – they had to wait.”

The prison officers were nearby when that news was broken to him.

The defendant rushed forward towards an office door and tried twice to kick it down.

The prison officer initially found it impossible to restrain Francis and battled with him for five to 10 minutes before two further officers arrived.

He was charged with two offences of assault and one charge of causing grievous bodily harm - the latter he pleaded guilty to. The Crown did not seek a trial on the other matters.

Defence barrister Charlotte Baines said Luther’s guilty plea was powerful mitigation.

Francis was jailed for eight years in 2014 for causing life-threatening injuries when he stabbed a man with a screwdriver. He was sentenced to a further 18 months, to be served consecutively to his eight years.