High visibility patrols will deter town crime

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The Wolds Weighton and Pocklington Neighbourhood Police Teams will be conducting high visibility patrols to deter any anti-social behaviour and other criminal activity.

The patrols will be operating on a regular basis throughout October to tackle anti-social behaviour and other criminal activity.

In Market Weighton, officers will be conducting regular patrols around the town centre and peripheral areas.

These patrols include regular checks on the High Street and peripheral areas of Londesborough Road car park, Scotts Croft Memorial Park, the town council building area and the area surrounding the Giant Bradley statue (periodic reports of youths causing annoyance).

Officers are also continuing patrols in the areas of Aspen Close, the park, the monkey run and football field due to regular reports of low level anti-social behaviour.

In Pocklington, the patrols will include regular checks on the peripheral areas at Pocklington Infants’ School, Maxwell Road (periodic reports of criminal damage and youths causing annoyance), All Saints Church (periodic reports of anti-social behaviour on an evening), the tennis club (reports of anti-social behaviour) and town car parks.

Patrols are also targeting vehicle related nuisance and its impact on the communities within the Pocklington area as well as taking positive action against offenders who cause ASB with their vehicles.

Here are the latest crime figures (from September 2018 to August 2019):

Market Weighton: All offences 717 cases (+16.6%); burglary 71 (+16.4%); criminal damage 78 (-18.8%); drug offences 12 (+200%); shop theft 3 (-75%); sexual offences 29 (-6.5%); theft from motor vehicle 11 (-38.9%); theft of motor vehicle 7 (+40%); other thefts 81 (+50%); violence against the person 332 (+20.7%); anti-social behaviour 76 (-43.3%).

A spokesman said: “It is worth noting that although some offence categories show that there has been a large percentage increase in crime compared to last year, this is primarily due to the number of offences committed last year being so low.

“For example, drug offences increased by 200% compared to the previous 12 months but in reality this was an increase of only eight offences.”

Pocklington: All offences 623 cases (+1%); burglary 61 (+15.1%); criminal damage 110 (=); drug offences 4 (-20%); shop theft 17 (+6.3%); sexual offences 19 (-32.1%); thefts from motor vehicle 14 (-6.7%) thefts of motor vehicle 3 (=); other thefts 84 (+1.2%); violence against the person 244 (+2.5); anti-social behaviour 124 (-6.8%).

A spokesman said: “It is positive to see that drug offences, sexual offences, theft from motor vehicles and ASB have seen a reduction in the year on year number of offences compared to the previous 12 months.”

○ ASB data for your area can be obtained by visiting www.police.uk and following the ‘Find your Neighbourhood’ link.