Councillors fight for speed cuts

DETERMINED councillors are fighting to reduce the speed limit on roads near two local schools.

Pocklington Town Council members want the speed limit reducing on roads near Pocklington School and Woldgate College.

However, they suffered a setback recently after East Riding Council rejected their initial suggestions.

But the town council will be sending another letter to the local authority in the hope that they will look into the situation again.

Councillor Jeff Shepherd, of Pocklington Town Council, is unhappy with the response from the county council.

He said: “I am disappointed with East Riding’s reaction. It is important they don’t dismiss 20mph speed limits near schools, especially the two major schools in Pocklington.”

In their initial letter sent to Ian Burnett, highways strategy officer at East Riding Council, the town council suggested reducing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph along West Green next to Pocklington School.

They are concerned that the development of the Hodsow Lane/ Allerthorpe roundabout on the A1079 will lead to an increase in traffic along Hodsow Lane into Pocklington.

They would also like to see a 50mph speed limt imposed along the whole of Hodsow Lane until Canal Lane where they would like the maximum speed lowering to 30mph.

Currently, the speed limit along Hodsow Lane is 60mph and it changes to 40mph just after Canal Lane.

Coun Shepherd said: “West Green is going to become a major ingress into Pocklington when the roundabout is complete. That area needs looking at.”

As well as lowering the speed limit, the town council also suggested widening Hodsow Lane to deal with the added volume of traffic, but East Riding Council did not approve of the idea.

On Kilnwick Road, the town council hoped to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph because of the large number of pupils who walk or cycle to Woldgate College.

Coun Shepherd said: “The problem with Woldgate College is the amount of pupils that leave the school.

“Reducing the speed limit can only benefit that area.”

In the letter from the local authority to the town council, it says: “Unfortunately, the Council is unable to recommend physical traffic calming measures at either site based on their good safety record; sites selected for such treatment are those which generally have a high incidence of traffic injury accidents, where there is scope for casualty reduction, and funding can be justified.”