Commissioner reiterates police station will not close

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove.
Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside has reiterated that Pocklington Police Station will not close, but police services in the town could be relocated.

Matthew Grove, along with Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Ryan Reed, recently met with members of Pocklington Town Council at the old courthouse, on George Street.

Mr Grove told town councillors that the police station in Pocklington would remain open. However, he told the Post that “should a future opportunity arise to share accommodation with a local partner in Pocklington to reduce costs, we will examine that possibility.”

During the meeting with the town council, Mr Grove and Insp Reed discussed some of the failures of existing policing, and the reasons for the new model, which will be implemented this month.

The new model aims to increase the visibility of police officers, who will be using new mobile technology to keep them out on patrol at the right times, rather than constantly returning to a police building to access computers and complete paperwork.

Town councillor Graham Perry said: “The police commissioner explained the proposed changes and advantages it would give and he spoke in a confident manner that it would work.

“He said that the Pocklington station is remaining open. We will be getting a detective based in Pocklington, a number of community officers and a number of police constables.

“It was a very agreeable meeting. The council got a factual explanation that was well received.”

Mr Grove explained: “The new model of working will ensure we have the right number of officers on duty at the right times, able to react to demand wherever it may be, unrestricted by the artificial boundaries created by the old geographical divisions which are now being scrapped. This will improve provision to rural areas and towns such as Pocklington, whereas the existing policing model was very restrictive and limited the force’s ability to meet public demand.”

He added: “At the meeting, town councillors generally welcomed proposals and told me they would carefully watch and observe the implementation of the new way of working, which I welcomed.”