Bishop Wilton Parish Council - District News

The parish council met in Bishop Wilton Hall on Monday 20, December at 7.30pm with Coun Warry in the chair assisted by Coun Dace.

Present: Councillors Quarmby, Hall, Young, Rigby, Davison, Rickatson, Warry and Dace

No Members of the public present

Open forum: No items raised. 1. Welcome and Apologies: Apologies were received from Coun Jackson and the clerk. 2. Declarations of Interest: Councillor Quarmby declared interest in items to do with Quarmby Engineering. 3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Signed as a true record of the meeting. 4. Matters Arising: No matters arising. 5.Playground-Update: a.Tiles need lifting and re-aligning. Couns Warry, Young and Hall will do this when the weather improves. b.Bars and roundabout now repaired. c.Still awaiting news regarding new toddlers play area.

6. Accounts: Passed for Payment. a.Clerk’s salary and expenses-£91.84-inv.08. b.GMP Garden Service-£389.56. c.Quarmby Engineering-£130. d.Play scheme-£129.77 e.Zurich Insurance-£222.87. f.St. Edith’s PCC – Annual donation -£220. 7. Precept : a.No increase from last year-£6,300. b.Whilst no raise this year there will need to be a rise next financial year. 8. Street Lighting: a.Karl Rouke was contacted to reschedule consultation. This will take place early in the New Year. b.Council has received two objections to proposed new street light.

Council cannot make an informed decision regarding new street light until consultation has taken place. Village residents will be invited to the consultation. c.Letter of objection received regarding removal of street light on West End Farm. d.Two lanterns on poles, one outside 21 Vale Crescent and another outside last bungalow as going up Worsendale, not working. A third lantern has been replaced but not connected. Action: Coun Hall to contact ERYC.

9. Buses: a.Concern has been raised regarding the stoppage of bus service in Bishop Wilton. Coun Rickatson and Hall have contacted ERYC who have responded that all services are being reviewed but bus service in Bishop Wilton is not stopping in the New Year. b.Council is very concerned about this and will seek written confirmation that bus service is not being cancelled. Action: Clerk to contact ERYC to get confirmation that bus services is not being cancelled.

10. Severe Weather Policy: a.A request was received for clearance of the roads around Youlthorpe which are still very icy. Contractor requested to clear snow/ice from Youlthorpe/Gowthorpe areas to A166 at a suitable time. b.Local contractors have been placed on standby to deal with future snow ploughing and removal when needed.

c.Water running across Garrowby Lane has caused ice patches which are causing problems with the adverse camber. Action: Clerk to contact ERYC to investigate water source and any remedial work. Coun Rickatson left the meeting.

11. Role of the Council: a. In response to comments received from residents of the village, council would like to clarify that the parish council is a cross section of the community whose role it is to pass on concerns received from villagers to ERYC. b.Coun Warry suggested doing an email shot to all parishioners who would like to receive regular information from the Parish Council.

12. Correspondence: a.Planning application DC/10/0/44/98/PLF/WESTWW (Grain Stores at Full Sutton Ind Est.) approved. b.Steetscene schedule of works walkabout needed. Coun Quarmby and Young to do when snow clears.

13. Community Issues: a. Complaint received about the last grass cut and the need for it. Council will bear this in mind for next year. b.Electoral roll to be held with chairman of council - should electors wish to verify their entry.