Bikers targeted as summer begins

Road safety partnerships and police forces across Yorkshire and Humber are teaming up this summer in what will be the largest road safety campaign ever undertaken in the region.

This joint working is in response to the number of bikers who are still being injured or killed on the roads, despite widespread publicity around the consequences of irresponsible riding and driving.

Roadside education and enforcement operations will underpin this year’s campaign with the aim of reducing rider casualties and improving road-user behaviour. This will be complemented with BikeSafe workshop sessions being run across the region; the launch of a new national smart phone app to aid riders plan their riding routes; rider information and engagement sessions throughout the summer season; and a campaign aimed at drivers to look out for riders.

The region attracts motorcyclists from around the country who can experience some of the best riding routes available.

Road safety partnerships and police forces are stepping up their activities, which will now focus on engagement, awareness and education, with the aim of encouraging the biking fraternity to help themselves and ensure they do not become yet another statistic.

The A166 near Stamford Bridge has been a focus point for police in recent years with a number of accidents.

Some have been caught by police travelling in excess of 120mph, while one hit national headlines having been clocked at 139mph.

Humberside Police Deputy Chief Constable David Griffin, who is also Police national lead for motorcycling, said: “We urge riders in our region to help by riding in a safe and legal manner. We have some great riding routes to share and would like you to ride home safely to your family each and every time.”

“We will not tolerate anti-social riding and the region’s police are working together with road safety partnerships to eradicate this problem.

“This small minority will be caught and may be diverted to education courses where possible.

However, extreme riding is unacceptable; we will prosecute and dangerous riders will be targeted by officers from all forces across all borders.”