Be on your guard for potential bogus callers

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Police are warning residents to be extra cautious about potential bogus callers in the area.

It comes after a man attended a property in Market Weigthon stating that he was there to read the gas meter. He was allowed into the house, he read the meter and then left. Later a call was made to the home owners gas supplier who said that they did not have anyone in the area. Further enquires made confirmed that the meter reading services company did not have anyone in the area reading meters either. There has also been a suspicious caller to a property in Pocklington, when a man said he was from the Water Board and wanted to read/check the meter of a neighbouring property and was asking about the owners as there was no answer at their door when he knocked on it. The member of public rang Yorkshire Water to check and they were informed that they had no one in the area carrying out meter checks.

If you have any concerns about potential bogus callers, call Humberside Police on 101.