ATM thief told to “face jail”

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A THIEF who admitted his part in a plan to rob a cash machine in Elvington has been told he faces jail.

Joel Stilborn has pleaded guilty to four charges, including attempting to take the ATM from Rydal Garage on York Road.

The 23-year-old, from the Acomb area, also admitted a burglary at York Maze office, also at Elvington, when £4,000 and two starter pistols were taken. The other charges related to aggravated vehicle taking and the attempted burglary at a York garage.

The stand-alone cash machine outside the Rydal Garage contained over £25,000, when it was targeted by the gang of thieves during the early-morning raid in August of last year.

They failed to cart the machine away but caused extensive damage totalling more than £15,000.

Andrew Carl George Brill, 27, was sentenced last month for his part in the Elvington heists and was given 300 hours community service.

However, Stilborn was warned during a hearing at York Crown Court that he faces a custodial sentence.