Crackdown on illegal motorists

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POLICE are cracking down on uninsured and unlicensed drivers this month as part of a forcewide campaign.

Humberside Police officers will carry out targeted stop checks of vehicles to establish if the driver is licensed and insured.

Officers will also be conducting high visibility patrols to help prevent and detect criminal activity.

Roads Policing Inspector Paul Sergeant, said: “Current statistics indicate that around 32 per cent of all motor vehicles seized across the Humberside area relate to uninsured vehicles and unlicensed drivers.

“The aim of this campaign is to provide high-visibility patrols in an attempt to remove illegal vehicles off the roads, thus making the roads a safer place for people who live and travel here.

As well as targeting those who drive vehicles illegally, officers will be working to disrupt and detect criminal activity, as it is estimated that six out of 10 crimes are assisted by the use of motor vehicles.

Insp Sergeant said: “Police officers involved in the campaign have the power to seize, retain and dispose of motor vehicles that are uninsured or where the driver of that vehicle is unlicensed under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and we will use those powers where necessary.”

“During the campaign, the police will also be detecting and dealing with untaxed vehicles, and drivers who do not have a current MOT for their vehicle.

“We shall also be collating intelligence with a view to targeting motorists who have been disqualified but who continue to drive illegally,” added Insp Sergeant, who urged residents to contact police if they suspected an illegal motorist.