Couple’s victory at Kiplingcotes Derby - but air ambulance called for fellow rider

A couple from Sawdon near Scarborough are celebrating coming first and second in The Kiplingcotes Derby for the second year running.

Thursday, 19th March 2015, 4:35 pm
the 494th Kiplingcotes Derby - Winner Tracey Corrigan with Partner Richard Mumford (runner up) from Sawdon Near Scarborough

Tracey Corrigan and her partner Richard Mumford came first and second respectively in the world’s oldest horse race.

Tracey, who rode Prince, said: “We’ve done a lot of preparation and I do all my galloping on grass anyway so we’re used to it. I hope the horses are all well and I hope the jockeys are too. I actually bit the horses mane at one point. I was actually on the horse’s neck.”

Richard, who was riding Bob, said: “Try and walk the course as many times as you can and make sure your horse it fit.”

Clerk of the course Susan Hillaby said an air ambulance had been called for a rider after she fell from her horse during the race.

The rider, believed to Jane Chivers riding Alice, is said to have fallen near the start of the race. At this stage it’s not know whet her injuries are. Her horse was said to have been unhurt and finished the race without her.

Ms Hillaby said: “It’s quite rough terrain and there are some ruts in parts caused by tractors.”

Hundreds of people flocked to the event to the four-mile race which finished at Londesborough Wold Farm.

This year’s race, with 22 runners, was one of the largest ever.

Third place went to Sam Osborne riding Mr P.

The derby is four-miles long and was founded in 1519. It traditionally takes place on the third Thursday of March.