Couple’s front row Royal view

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ROYALISts from Shiptonthorpe ensured they got some of the best seats available during Friday’s Royal Wedding, having camped out on the streets of London in anticipation.

Tim and Erica Hughes, who are both in their seventies, made the trip to London on Thursday and set up camp on The Mall to ensure the best possible view of Prince William and Kate Middleton as they headed for Buckingham Palace after the 11am ceremony.

And the pair, who are no strangers to supporting Royal events, said it was a “very special day” for all concerned.

Mrs Hughes said: “We have done this a lot over the years- we went for the Charles and Diana wedding and camped out then, as well as the Golden Jubilee, when the Queen Mother died and we happened to be in London when it was Diana’s funeral.

“The reason for going last week was to really enjoy the atmosphere. It’s really quite exciting and people are just wanting to enjoy themselves nicely.

“It was brilliant, it was a very special day.”

The couple, who ironically live on Jubilee Close, were so early in arriving they were able to get a position next to the railings to ensure they got the best view possible.

“We got there at 2pm on the Thursday and we left after the fly past,” added Mrs Hughes.

“We were right up against the railings at the front so we decorated it with flags like everybody else.

“It was quite chilly in the night but thankfully there was no rain - although we were well prepared. We we really did enjoy it.”

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