Couple’s 20-mile local food challenge

Jo and Peter Green
Jo and Peter Green

SUPPORTING local growers is a message we often hear during these dark days of economic struggle, yet a couple from Pocklington are looking to prove that eating 100 per cent regional can be done.

Food crusaders Peter and Jo Green of Barmby Road have set themselves a challenge to have nothing but locally-sourced food for two weeks.

To coincide with the National British Food Fortnight celebration, the adventurous pair are devising a menu that will only include ingredients grown or produced from within a 20-mile radius of the town.

The couple are already members of the local Fairtrade campaign and already buy locally-sourced foods, but admit they want to raise its profile.

Mrs Green explained: “It’s a project that we have fancied doing for some time, and there are so many shops around here that sell local produce we thought it would be a good idea.

“People often think buying locally is about going to expensive farm shops but it’s not, food can be bought locally where it’s not expensive.

“We are in the middle of a potato growing area and carrot growing area, so we’re hoping it won’t be that difficult.

“If it can’t be done in this area, then we can’t do it anywhere!

There are obviously some things that we won’t be able to get like oranges, and we won’t be giving up tea and coffee - although it will be Fairtrade!

“We think it will be quite an adventure.”

Starting their food fortnight on 19 September, they have been busy visiting local shops and traders to find what ingredients can be utilised. Shops already set to support them includes Pocklington’s The Mile Farm Shop , Sisson’s Butchers and Atkinson’s Delicatessen.

Other products they are considering for their menu includes goats’ cheese from St Helen’s Goat Farm in Seaton Ross, beer from the Wold Top Brewery, and they will seek advice from Scott’s Fishmongers in Pocklington about fish that is farmed within the 20 miles.

Mr Green said: “We have bashed out a menu and we’ve been going around the shops to find out what we can use.

“Some things will be more difficult than others, but we would like other businesses to contact us if possible to tell us what they can offer that is grown or produced locally.

“Everybody thinks that supermarkets are the place to go but we hope this will make people realise that it can be done.”

East Riding Council’s local food development officer, Julia Soukup, who is based on Pocklington’s Regent Street, is backing the challenge.

She said: “I think what they are planning to do is fantastic. I think they will find it an interesting and enjoyable challenge - there’s something really satisfying about growing your own food and discovering and cooking local food.

“Buying local produce offers not only the best in quality and value but also makes an essential contribution to the sustainability of the countryside, local market towns and the wider environment.”

Any businesses who produce or grow local foods can contact the Greens by phoning (01759) 301386 or by emailing