County worst in country for internet

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The East Riding of Yorkshire is the worst county in the country for the percentage of internet users experiencing a slower internet connection.

The Connected Nations Report, carried out by Ofcom, revealed more than half of all web users in the county cannot receive a download speed of more than 10 Mbit/s.

The East Riding along with Hull fared considerably worse than any other local authority area throughout England.

Last month the government announced that work was commencing to introduce a universal service obligation (USO) of 10Mbit/s with a consultation planned for early 2016.

The latest figures mean the connection speeds of that more than half of all users throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire would fail to meet the USO.

Ofcom said the for the county to reach the desired connection speeds, more than 50 percent of the properties would need enhancements.

The costs of this would vary according to the features of the land.

Work being carried out in conjunction with BT and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to bring faster connections across the county is not due to be complete until 2017, “which should allow more properties to access speeds of 10Mbit/s or more”.