Countryfile appearance for river restoration project manager

Olly Southgate (centre) with John Craven and the Countryfile film crew.
Olly Southgate (centre) with John Craven and the Countryfile film crew.

A river restoration project manager from Londesborough is set to appear on popular BBC programme Countryfile.

The programme will feature two of Olly Southgate’s Lake District restoration projects.

Olly has recently delivered two large scale river projects that run through the heart of the nationally important and sensitive Eden Valley. The feature, with John Craven as lead interviewer, talks about the multiple benefits that this type of work can bring to both people and wildlife.

The project involves putting straightened and modified back rivers into their original natural channels. This increases the diversity of habitat, improves gravel deposition and creates more space for water.

Olly said: “Not only can we improve wildlife such as Atlantic Salmon populations by doing this work, but there are also potentially flood risk benefits too, as we have created longer and wider river channels that are better connected to their historic flood plains.”

He added: “It’s always great to showcase the work on national TV. I’ve done a few things for TV and radio in the past but doing Countryfile is right up there.”

The show will be broadcast on 6 September on BBC One.