Councils aiming to identify unmet travel needs in town

Councillor Graham Perry with a copy of the questionnaire.
Councillor Graham Perry with a copy of the questionnaire.

Townsfolk in Pocklington are being urged to complete and return a questionnaire to help establish the present and future public transport needs in the town.

The town council is working with East Riding Council to identify any unmet travel needs in Pocklington.

A questionnaire has been delivered to every household in Pocklington, and residents have until 12 February to complete the survey forms.

Town councillor Graham Perry has been asked by East Riding Council to act as the Pocklington ‘Parish Transport Champion’. In this role, he aims to determine the current and future transport needs, and how these services can be realistically provided.

He said: “What we really want to find out is if there are any unmet travel needs in Pocklington, for example, are there any older or young residents that either have no access to transport or find it difficult to access essential services or employment because of the lack of suitable transport.

“Once we have all the surveys back, we will be able to analyse the feedback and we can seek to ensure that the transport services that are being provided in Pocklington are the right ones, or if they need tweaking or if alternative modes of transport can and need to be sorted out.”

He added: “It is absolutely crucial that residents fill the questionnaire out, even if they are satisfied with the present arrangements and don’t see a need for change.”

There are plans to hold a number of public meetings, with the first one taking place at Pocklington Arts Centre at 6.30pm on 7 March, to present and discuss the survey results. The questionnaire can be returned to the town council offices, on George Street, Pocklington Library, on Railway Street, the arts centre, on Market Place or to Coun Perry at 28 Mile End Park, Pocklington.