Councillors urge research into slowing down traffic

NPOC - Shiptonthorpe
NPOC - Shiptonthorpe

Two East Yorkshire councillors have called for more research to be undertaken into ways of reducing traffic speed through the village of Shiptonthorpe.

Cllr Mike Stathers, who also lives in the village, says more has to be done to slow down vehicles using the A1079 as they approach from the west.

Results of a survey carried out for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and published two years ago showed that on average more than 3,200 vehicles were driven too fast through Shiptonthorpe every day, with 1,000 travelling at excessive speed.

Cllr Stathers said: “There is no reason to suggest these conclusions would be any different if the same survey was carried out today. In reality, the situation now could even be worse. This is not so much about safety, although slower traffic would make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road and for motorists using junctions. It is more about the quality of life of those who live in the village and especially those whose homes are close to the A1079.

“I and fellow Shiptonthorpe resident and East Riding councillor, Claude Mole, are working closely with our council’s traffic team and we’ve asked for several options to be considered as a matter of urgency.”

The options put forward include more signage along the western approach from the Thorpe le Street junction, an electronic speed sign displaying every vehicle’s mph and greater police or speed camera presence.