Councillor’s warning over messages

Councillor Claude Mole.
Councillor Claude Mole.

A warning has been issued after a message from a hacked ward councillor’s email account was sent out to people across the East Yorkshire area.

Councillor Claude Mole’s email account was spammed and a message was sent out begging for money, saying Coun Mole needed the funds to get home from the Philippines.

The message reads: “I really hope you get this fast. I could not inform anyone about our trip because it was impromptu. We had to be in Philippines for a Tour... the program was successful but our journey has turned sour. We misplaced our wallets and cell phones on our way back to the hotel.

“The wallet contains all the valuables we have and now our luggage is in custody of the hotel management, pending when we make payment on outstanding bills we owe.

“I am sorry if I am inconveniencing you but I have only very few people to turn to now. I will be very grateful if I can get a short term loan of $2,450 from you.”

Councillor Mole said he wanted to warn people about the scam and for them to ignore the message if they receive it.