Councillor’s concern over A1079 plans

The existing roundabout at Shiptonthorpe.
The existing roundabout at Shiptonthorpe.

Plans to re-shape the roundabout on the A1079 at Shiptonthorpe have sparked concern from a ward councillor.

For the past two years, East Riding Council’s highways planners have been looking at ways of improving the Shiptonthorpe roundabout where peak-hour congestion frequently results in lengthy tail-backs.

The �4.2million proposal to re-shape Shiptonthorpe roundabout.

The �4.2million proposal to re-shape Shiptonthorpe roundabout.

The proposed work will cost in the region of £4.2million. There are questions about whether this would be money well spent or if a bypass would be a better option.

East Riding Councillor Mike Stathers said more consultation is needed with village residents over the scheme and also voiced concern over the positioning of a pelican crossing.

Shiptonthorpe Parish Council members have welcomed the plans, especially as they have been fighting for a Zebra or Pelican crossing for many years.

The highways team has produced its preferred option - the construction of a new section of road beginning at the eastern edge of Shiptonthorpe and running across open fields before arching back to the roundabout. The existing road will remain as access to the garden centre and local services.

Ward councillor Mike Stathers.

Ward councillor Mike Stathers.

The team still have to prepare a business case before submitting an application for funding – about 80% – from the Local Enterprise Partnership. The remaining 20% would come from ERYC’s coffers.

Cllr Stathers said: “One issue for me, as a ward councillor, is the apparent lack of consultation with local residents, other than with local businesses, the parish council and ward councillors.

“I believe something as significant as this needs to be put before the residents and their views sought.

“Furthermore, the scheme in its current form would not require planning permission so the usual public consultation would not take place.

“Within the proposal lies one very important additional element - the provision of a pedestrian crossing.

“Villagers and local councillors have been campaigning for a crossing for the past 10 years or more to serve the bus stop and when ward councillors saw this latest plan had the crossing positioned closer to the services than the bus stop they insisted it be moved.

The question remains whether a crossing on such a major road would be safe for pedestrians or would it actually increase the risk?”

However, Robert Ducker, chairman of Shiptonthorpe Parish Council, said: “We do welcome the scheme as it includes the Pelican crossing we have been fighting for. At the moment villagers struggle to get from one side to another and this crossing will make the traffic stop.

“We think the plan is a good one and has looked at the key problems in Shiptonthorpe. There’s provision for residents who will be able to use the pedestrian/cycle facility alongside the road before crossing the road.”

Cllr Stathers added that he and fellow ward councillors Andy Burton and David Rudd are determined to do all they can to achieve the best outcome for road users and the residents of Shiptonthorpe. As part of that process they would like to hear what local residents think of the plans before they become reality.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The potential improvement scheme for Shiptonthorpe roundabout is still in the early development stages and, at present, no funding has been allocated.

“We have had initial talks with businesses near the roundabout and early next year we are planning to hold an information event for residents to show them the draft plans, answer any questions and get their feedback.”