Councillor calls for residents to get involved in groups and events

Councillor Martin Cooper.
Councillor Martin Cooper.

A town councillor is calling for more Pocklington residents to get involved with events and groups in the town.

Coun Martin Cooper, a member of Pocklington Town Council, says there are a small group of volunteers in the town who are trying to improve the lifestyles of residents in Pocklington.

He claims events such as the Platform Festival, Flying Man Festival, Pocktoberfest and groups that make a difference in the town, including Pocklington Gateway and Pocklington Future, always seem to attract the same volunteers, who lend a helping a hand purely for the benefit of the community. He is appealing for more residents to help out with events in the town and join local groups. He explained: “Ten years ago all we had was the Rugby Sevens and Late Night Shopping. Now we have summer fetes, firework nights, walking festivals, the arts centre brings in big names and the arts into town, all this and more has to be celebrated. But, and there is a but, and that revolves round the fact that in many cases it is the same faces that achieve all this with little or no thanks. In fact the opposite can be the norm, criticism if people have to pay or it’s not exactly what they want. Ask them to get involved and it all goes quiet. So from me a big thank you for without the commitment each one gives then we would not have the diverse events in the town.” He added: “Rather than complain and run things down get involved. Whether you’re new to the town or a long term resident, shopkeepers need to embrace positive actions that help the town thrive then your shops will thrive alongside, what we need is more members of the public and businesses to embrace something that excites them and get involved.” Coun Cooper says he wants to see the chamber of trade resurrected in some form so that businesses and shopkeepers in the town have an input into what happens in Pocklington. To get involved with a Pocklington event or group, call the town council on 01759 304851.