Council wants speed limit on road reduced

West Green in Pocklington.
West Green in Pocklington.

Pocklington Town Council wants the speed limit on the road that runs by the new doctors’ surgery in the town to be reduced.

At a meeting of the full council recently, councillor Graham Perry suggested that the town council should send a letter to East Riding Council asking for the speed limit to be lowered on West Green. Currently there is a 40mph speed limit near the surgery, and the town council wants this to be reduced to 30mph.

The town council also wants East Riding Council to make improvements to the footpath on West Green and to trim some of the trees which it says are obscuring the street lights.

It was agreed at the full council meeting that a letter should be sent to East Riding Council about these issues.

Coun Perry said: “I think the town council are concerned about the rapidly deteriorating state of the road that is now the main feeder road to the new surgery for patients, many of whom are elderly.”

A spokesperson for East Riding Council said: “The issues concerning the footway surface on West Green were raised at a recent meeting held between East Riding of Yorkshire, Council ward members, officers and local town and parish council representatives. The footway will be inspected and considered for repairs, given the recent completion of the new development works in the area.”