Council urges residents to watch out for fly tipping in the East Riding of Yorkshire

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council is alerting residents to a likely increase in fly tipping as the dark nights start to close in.

There has been a drop in the number of incidents of the illegal dumping of waste reported to the council during July and August.

John Skidmore, head of the council’s streetscene services, said: “It is normal that fly tipping tends to drop off during July and August. It is as if the illegal fly tippers have all gone on holiday.

“The reality, though, is that longer daylight hours put them off as they are more likely to be spotted and reported to us.

“In past years we have found that as soon as the days get shorter from September, there is a rise in the number of incidents of dumped household waste, piles of rubble from extensions and drives, and ripped out kitchens.

“The illegal fly tippers get bolder when it is dusk and dark because it is more difficult for passers-by to see the registration plates and descriptions of the vehicles.”

The council’s plea is to keep watch for anything suspicious, like a van with its back doors open in lay-bys. The council number to call if you see anything suspicious is (01482) 393939.

Residents having waste removed from their premises, like rubble or old mattresses should check it is being taken away by a licensed registered waste carrier. Failure can result in the resident facing thousands of pounds in court fines.

The Environment Agency offers an instant ‘waste carrier validation’ check on 08708 506506 for any householder wanting to check an authorisation.