Council set to make bus route U-turn

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EAST Riding Council is set to make a U-turn on a decision to change one of its school bus routes after concerned residents claimed the current pick-up point in their village was unsafe.

Villagers in Millington want the bus route altered to how it was before the route was legally changed in 2008.

Previously, the bus used to travel through the village and pick up the children but now it only stops on the main road at the top of the village.

To get there the children have to walk up a narrow road which does not have a proper path and the bus stop itself has not got a shelter for children to stand under.

Zoe Mesom, who lives in Millington and has three daughters who use the bus, thinks it would be much safer for children to catch the bus in the village.

She said: “It only takes a split second to step out and get hit by a car.

“It’s 100 per cent safer going through the village.”

After talking to parents at Millington village hall David Boden, passenger services manager at East Riding Council, stated he was 100% sure the route will be changed back to the way it was when the contract is renewed in September.

He said: “The current contract ends in July. It will be renewed in September.

“To me it is a no brainer to do what residents ask. It is not going to cost any more money.

“I am 100 per cent certain it will happen.”

In return, he wants residents to try to make sure vehicles are parked off road, if possible, to make it easier for the bus to get through the narrow roads.

He also wants residents to have deliveries after 8.30am on school days.

At the meeting, parents asked why Alan Baldry, the current contractor, had continued to pick children up in the village until the end of last summer if the route was legally changed in 2008.

Mr Boden answered: “When routes were drafted they were drafted to pick children up at the church.

“What happened was the driver didn’t read the map properly as he came down through the village.”

He added: “As things stand, the driver has to pick children up at the top of the village.”

Parents also wanted to know why the route changed in 2008 after the bus had travelled through Millington for many years.

Mr Boden said: “There wasn’t a need for the bus to go through the village.”

Although he plans to change the route later this year, Mr Boden claims the council have not done anything that contradicts policy.

He said: “What policy says is that children can be asked to walk up to a mile to bus stops.

“Our legal obligation is to make sure the children get to and from school. We haven’t done anything against company policy.”

The bus takes children, aged from five to 16, from Millington to Pocklington Infants School, Pocklington Community Junior School and Woldgate College.