Council responds to claims made by campaigner

Andy Strangeway.
Andy Strangeway.

East Riding Council has responded to comments made by a campaigner, who claims there are a number of “unlawful” parking issues in Pocklington that need addressing.

The Pocklington Post recently ran a story about Andy Strangeway’s campaign to tackle what he called “appalling parking situations in Pocklington.”
Mr Strangeway, 50, of Full Sutton, claimed it is “unlawful” to lock the gates at the entrance of Station Car Park, off Station Road, and the Station Rear Car Park, off Robertson Close. He also said it is “unlawful” to have a height barrier at the entrance to the Station Rear Car Park.

However, East Riding Council has rejected these claims.

A spokesperson for the authority said: “We have received Mr Strangeway’s complaint and have already responded to him, to inform him that it is not unlawful to lock the gate at Station Road Car Park, nor is it unlawful to prevent access for high sided vehicles at the Station Rear Car Park by using the height barrier. Equally, it is not unlawful to lock the gate to that car park overnight. The council has these powers under the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (Off Street Parking Places) (Civil Enforcement) (Consolidation) Order 2012,

“There is no substantiation to Mr Strangeway’s complaint, and no need for the council to take any action.”