Council pumps help communities affected by tidal flooding

chris matthews
chris matthews

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s new trailer-mounted pumps and their crews have been commended by communities affected by last week’s tidal flooding after being deployed to protect properties and to clear standing water in the aftermath of the event.

The pumps were purchased earlier this year by the council for £145,000 to provide a rapid response and improve resilience to the issue of flooding and flood prevention.

During the flood event, one of the pumps was deployed to Kilnsea to assist the community and was operational for two days and one was also sent to Old Goole on Thursday night to alleviate overtopping at Dutch Riverside.

A pump has also been loaned to the internal drainage board at Crabley Creek between Elleker and Broomfleet.

In the Blacktoft and Yokefleet area; two pumps have been operating 24-hours-a-day to clear agricultural land at a rate of 168,000 gallons per hour.

Councillor Chris Matthews, cabinet portfolio holder for infrastructure, highways and emergency planning, said: “Since taking delivery of these pumps in the summer, the council has conducted a series of exercises to test the equipment and familiarise staff with how to use them.

“Last week’s tidal surge was the first major incident were the pumps and their crews were deployed operationally and, given the challenging and rapidly changing conditions, both performed to a very high standard.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback from residents and our partner agencies about the new pumping equipment, which have proven to be useful acquisitions by the council.”

Blacktoft resident, Keith Gilson, said: “What has been noticeable in the aftermath has been the great support we’ve had from the council staff manning the pumps, helping with blocked dykes and sticking with us through the event, everyone to a man helpful beyond their remit.

“To see, first hand, the investment that the council has made in purchasing the pumps, deployed in our village, really sunk home to the people I was working with just how lucky we are to have such equipment within the authority.

“Without those pumps the drain off into overflowing dykes would have made the situation much worse.”


Coun Chris Matthews with the council’s new pumping equipment