‘Council is coping with cuts’

EAST Riding Council says it is coping well with spending cuts that are affecting disabled people and the services they use, according to new research.

The research, ‘Coping with the Cuts – can local authorities protect disabled people’s services?’ which was funded by Scope and undertaken by think tank, Demos, ranked East Riding Council sixth out of 152 local authorities.

The report measures the impact that local authority spending cuts are having on disabled people and the services that they use.

The research revealed the local authority had made medium cuts to its budget and the coping level was rated as “very good”.

It revealed a 1.63 per cent budget change to disabled children and families care and support, a -9.7 per cent budget change to adult care and support and a -7.24 per cent budget change to older people’s care and support.

While East Riding Council has recently increased the charge for community meals services by just 10p, it has not changed the eligibility criteria for care services.

It has been kept at the higher levels of “substantial” and “critical” needs and takes into account all of a disabled person’s Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the care component, when assessing how much they will contribute towards a disabled person’s care.